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Posted By: pavane
30-Jul-01 - 08:25 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Nine Times a Night
Subject: Nine Times a Night
There's a nice twist at the end of this one!

(anon, from a broadside in the Bodleian Ballad collection)

A buxom young fellow from London came down
To set up his trade in a small market town
They asked who he was and he answered them right
I belong to a family they call nine times a night

(A buxom young widow who still non her wa {?wore her weeds}
Whose husband had gained by his riches and deeds
Resolved she was by her conjugal right
To fill up her chishum (chasm?) with nine times a night

She ordered her waiting maids Betty and Nan
To keep a look out for that wonderful man
And whenever they saw him appear in their sight
To bring her glad tidings of nine times a night

Fortune favoured the joke on the very next day
Those gigling girls saw him coming that way
Then upstairs they ran with amorous delight
Upon my word madam, here's nine times a night
From a chair she arose (what I say is true)
And down to the hall door like lightening they flew
She viewed him all over and gave him a ?back?
The bargain was struck and done in a crack

The marriage being over the bride [groom?] toll'd the bell
He did it six times, and pleased her well
She vowed from her heart she was satisfied quite
Still she gave him a hint of his nine times a night

He said my dear bride, you mistook the thing wrong
I said to that family I did belong
Nine times a night is too much for a man
I can't do it myself but my sister, she can!