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Posted By: Indy Lass
30-Jul-01 - 11:12 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: McClory (Pete St. John)
Subject: Lyr Add: MCCLORY (Pete St. John)
I bought a tape at the Milwaukee Irish Festival a few years back and since then gave it away, but I think the title was Somgs from County Down, but I dont' remember the artist. I bought it just for a song called 'McClory' because it is my mother in law's maiden name. And I did write down the words. Sorry but don't know html:

I took a train to Belfast, firt time for fifteen years--
To see my friend McClory and enjoy the crack and beers--
Nostalgia made me mellow, and the whiskey brought the tears--
When the barman said "McClory; haven't seen him round in years.

Where is he then I said to him, where is that friend of mine?--
That hard man who once sang the (sasch?) in Saskatchewan's--
That laggan' lovin' shipyard son who took the plane with me--
Away from Belfast daydreams in the days of sixty-three.

There were times with that McClory, we could not see eye-to-eye--
So we traded friendly insults, and we were not afraid to cry--
The papers damned the ???, and all we had was snow--
Two Irishmen so different in a land we didn't know

(repeats first verse)

Sure he's been gone since eighty, said a tucker(?) drinking brew--
On a promise to Autrailia there waw no one left he knew--
The guns and bombs near broke his heart not knowing right from wrong--
I went silent to the station, there was more than McClory gone

(repeats first verse again and ends).

I took the words off the tape so some might be in error. The weren't printed in the liner notes. But hope this gets you further along!