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Posted By: Aidan Crossey
31-Jul-01 - 09:14 AM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Mrs. McGrath (University-Dubliners)
Subject: RE: LYR REQ : Mrs. McGrath
Anyone have the lyrics to the Mrs McGrath parody, "Biddy McGrath"? The only snippets that I can vaguely remember are:

I'll tell you a story that will give you a shock
All about a murder at the Ringsend dock
The (person in question?) was Biddy McGrath
And she strangled two sailors with the straps of her bra

Another verse goes

Now Biddy came home at a quarter past one
She was happy and contented at the job she'd done
She told the story to her ma and her da
Saying thanks be to Jaysus that I wore me bra

And there's a line (last verse?)

Keep a hand on your knickers and another on your bra

I have memories of it being sung raucously in the Slievemore Hotel, Achill Island twenty odd years ago.