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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
31-Jul-01 - 06:41 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Mrs. McGrath (University-Dubliners)
Subject: RE: LYR REQ : Mrs. McGrath
Here's a version of Mrs McGrath that Alex Campbell made up in 1961:

"On this tour the tune of Mrs McGrath was in my mind the whole time, but the only thing I could remember was that he got his two fine legs blown off by a cannonball. I made up this parody."

Mrs McGrath (acc Bottle of Guinness or unacc.

Mrs McGrath tae the sarjeant said: "Are ye tryin' tae tak the mickey out o' my son Ted? Tae go back to tae the army he's no willin' Why ye send for the man they call Mister Macmillan? With my tooralay, faldiriddle a, Toorai-oorai-oorai-ay, With my tooralay, faldiriddle a, Tootao-oorai-oorai-ay"

The sarjeant said to Mrs McGrath "He'll have tae go back, fur that's the law, In a khaki suit he'll look tight fine An' we'll send him off tae the firin' line."

"Goodbye my son, so brave and bold Tak yer long woolen drawers they say this war is cold, And when yer off in Germanie Make sure you send yer allowance tae me."

A year's gone by and Ted's come back, Sits doon wi' his mither tae hae a crack She says: "Wur ye stupit or wur ye daft, Tae get yer two fine legs frae the knees cut aff."

"Oh mither dear I felt so queer, It must have been some o' that German beer, Fur when I went tae see the Russian reds, I fell aff the wa' an' I broke my legs.

"An now I've been rehabilitated It'd be an awfy hard job if I'd been decapitated On civvy street I'm doing gie well Wi' me two tin legs frae the National Health."

(From Frae Glesca Toon, the songs and stories of Alex Campbell)