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Posted By: Ferrara
01-Aug-01 - 02:29 PM
Thread Name: Translations mutilating songs
Subject: RE: Translations mutilating songs
NOT on the same level of sophistication -- but I sing things like "Lili Marlene," "Santa Lucia," "Bella Ciao," etc., and often work up my own translations because I prefer to stick as close to the original meaning as possible. I'm often amazed at how unnecessary the translator's changes are.

My Dad was fond of an Italian saying -- I'll either get this right, or get it backwards -- "Tradittore, Traduttore," Which means more or less "A Translator is a Traducer [Betrayer, Deceiver]."

He insisted my sister and I learn things, not just in Italian, but in the local dialect whenever possible, on the grounds that no translation would ever give the flavor of the originals.