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Posted By: Jack the Sailor
02-Aug-01 - 11:44 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! - Part 62
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! - Part 62
Here is a multipurpose masterpiece ****SSBG***** (Self Satisfied Big Grin) Here I have injected my usual consumer comentary, and a reference to my favourite Song Challenge mammal. I also have managed to insult hogs and hog farmers everywhere introduce potty humour and most importantly, If American musical icons do turn over in thier graves, Mr. Irving Berlin is now doing more rpms than the hard drive in my computer.

Piggy at the Ritz

If you are a mess and want to confess to the best
Why don't you go where the kune kune sits
Piggy at the Ritz

Different types of feces has the civet
The droppings of the pig make owners livid,
giving them fits
worthless little shits

Dressed up with pine--apple he'd be super
Flat'lance like a whoopie cusion blooper
Pooper Scooper

Come let's mix where swine are roasted on sticks
Over Bar-B-cue Pits
Turnin 'em on Spits

Have you seen that famous hog? He is lucky as a dog
On that farm in Sommerset. He is safe there you can bet
Eats dirt he even swallows, as in, his filth he wollows
Recycling every bit of his marvelous food

If you're mean and you do not like the clean scene
Why don't you go where Grunty shits
Piggy at the Ritz

Foot and mouth contaminate the brown cows
Even infects their naughty bits
Piggy at the Ritz

Inspector said that grunty was contageous
Judge said to the plaintif that's outrageous
The pig is famous

Grunty is a Maori, Once more, people can't you see
He is not the kind of pig whose hair one splits
Piggy at the Ritz
Piggy at the Ritz
Piggy at the Ritz
Piggy at the Ritz

Grunt !!!
Gotta Wallow !!!
Gotta roll in the filth !!!!

If you think you must free a TV, pig, celebrity
Surely you must,

think this case is just.