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Posted By: GUEST,Jeff
03-Aug-01 - 09:27 AM
Thread Name: Help playing Irish rhythm guitar
Subject: Help playing Irish rhythm guitar
Looking for some ideas on playing Irish rhythm guitar. In particular, I want to know what people have found to work for playing jigs. I know some melodies like Banish Misfortune and Merrily Kiss the Quaker and have found myself playing with a down-up-down, down-up-down pick direction. I like the way the downstrokes emphasize each beat and have found it easier to keep steady time. Recently I got a book and CD by William Coulter that I like a lot, and this my first attempt at accompaniment, most of which is in DADGAD tuning. Most of the jigs he accompanies with a down-down, up-down-up pick direction with first beat being played as a bass note and then brush on the up beat and the second beat played as a triplet strum. This seems to make sense for playing faster tempos since it keeps a down up pattern going throughout the measure instead of throwing in consenctuive downstrokes. The down side is that it is different than the pattern I'm familiar with for single note flat picking and so it feels strange. Wondering what oher people have found to be helpful, whether it makes most sense to learn these two different patterns or might be better to adapt rhythm to what I'm used to.