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Posted By: Peter Timmerman
14-May-97 - 10:03 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: A You're Adorable (Kaye/Wise/Lippman)
Subject: Lyr Add: A YOU'RE ADORABLE (Kaye/Wise/Lippman)
Dear Hellrose, Well, when we left our hero, we'd got to "C" you're a cutie full of charms (ends on "a"), then e-e-e/ to the next segment -- a-a-f-d-f-a/g-g-e-csharp-e-g/f-f-d-b(below c)-d-f-a-g (repeat from the beginning with '"G" you look good to me'. In case you don't have the words to this point (I'll drop the quotation marks throughout):

A you're adorable, B you're so beautiful, C you're a cutie full of charm

D you're a darling, and E you're exciting And F you're a feather in my arms.

G you look good to me, H you're so heavenly, I you're the one I idolize,

J we're like JAck and Jill; K you're so kissable; (new section)

new section: -f-d-b(below c)-c-e-d-c/ (L is the lovelight in your eyes)

d-a-g-c/ (M,N,O,P)

d-e-f-g-a-e/ (I could go on all day)

d-a-g-c/ (Q,R,S,T)

a-c(high)-b-b-b-d-d-g-a-e-e/ (Alpha-betic'lly speaking, you're okay)

c-c-d-e-g-b/-a-a-b-a-b-g-d/ (U made my life complete; V means you're very sweet)

d-e-csharp-d-b-a/ (Double U, X, Y, Z)

c(high)-c(high)-a-f-d-b-a-g-a-g-fsharp-f/ (It's fun to wander through the alphabet with you)

e-d-e-f-g-a-b-c (high) (To tell you what you mean to me!)

I think this is mostly right, when you take away the chords. I hope the way I set it down makes sense. The cute bits to remember are that the first part (to the slash) of "Alpha/beticlly" and "Double/ U" are an eighth followed by a sixteenth note. MNOP and QRST are half notes. Let me know if your computer programme sings better than Kasparov. Yours, Peter