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Posted By: catspaw49
06-Aug-01 - 08:37 PM
Thread Name: What's the weather like where you are?
Subject: RE: What's the weather like where you are?
It's's real friggin' hot.......and it's's real friggin' humid. The word "friggin'" here applies to only the weather 'cause it's too damn hot and humid for the other kind!

I was hoping we'd make it through this summer without one of these episodes, but it's Ohio and in the midwest, this is the way of things. We have now had a 110 degree difference in temperature this year so all is about normal.

I hate the weather dudes on the tube............

"There's some relief coming as the cold front moves through.".......Lemmee ask you if 5 degrees seems like relief? When the humidity is at the 80-90 level, who cares?


"We have the potential for some thunderstorms popping during the evening hours and of course this time of year severe weather including flash floods and tornados."........Yeah, least the wind will be blowing.


"Thunderstorm activity will be scattered and I hope it doesn't interfere with your fun wherever you are.".........Fun? Sweating your ass off is fun? What did I miss here?

What he's referring to is the State Fair now in progress. I love County Fairs and Ohio has lots along with assorted festivals. My county has there fair in weather, fall colors, a beutiful od time red roofed permanent's a postcard from another era. But the state fair???? It's August, it's hot. It's dry and dusty, but the humidity allows the dust to cake on you like a clay colored "Man-Tan." Then it pours down rain and the place turns to mud. But the sun pops out about twice as hot with the extra humidity and the mud dries quickly leaving you once again covered in dust. I haven't gone to the damn thing in 35 years and I'm still trying to get the crud off from that time!

Still, I'm an Ohio boy and I've lived a lot of other places..................but home is home ain't it?