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08-Aug-01 - 01:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: What is this stuff - Karma?
Subject: RE: BS: What is this stuff - Karma?

Does old soul mean you are just a slow learner?

JUST KIDDING! I heard that one from a comedian.

A gentle suggestion to original querant: try the Bill Moyers/Joseph Campbell tapes called "Power of Myth"--this has been replayed this week on a local PBS station, and I'd forgotten how insightful it all was.

Campbell speaks, as does Kendall, the "east of the Suez" religions and mythological world views being different from our Western world views in one very important way: the eastern religious theologies view gods and goddesses as channels for life energy of the universe working through us. West of the suez religious theologies look to God/the gods as the source of the life energy of the universe.

The result of those two differences make for very different ideologies and beliefs.

But no one orientation (ie east or west) is better than the others. The mystery of virgin births and black madonnas is every bit as insightful as Kali.