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Posted By: Steve Parkes
09-Aug-01 - 10:37 AM
Thread Name: Harmonica bands
Subject: Harmonica bands
I thought of bringing this up in the Max Geldray thread, but I thought it was too far from the subject. (Besides, I don't want to upset Roger, too much excitement would be bad for him!)

Harmonica bands used to be fairly common in the fifties and early sixties. If memory serves, there was one called The Harmonica Gentlemen, who included a (real? fake) Chinaman, who at the end of their closing nuber would wave three fingers in the air and shout "one more time!" Ah, we were easy to entertain in those days! Then there were The Harmonica Kings. (The Four Kings? Of course, I might have these names completely wrong; it was a long time ago!) The Kings had a big bloke with a beard, called ... it's on the tip of my tongue ... He looked very tough; he was quite tall and well-built, but he really camped it up, with an affected high-pitched voice and a lisp--and a name to match.

I wonder what became of them?