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Posted By: kytrad (Jean Ritchie)
09-Aug-01 - 01:25 PM
Thread Name: OBIT: Kytrad Still Here?
Subject: RE: OBIT: Kytrad Still Here?
Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes- & I'm glad you're glad I'm not dead. Catspaw and Sinsull, I didn't use the Obit prefix to be cute- there just wasn't anything else appropriate (NOT BS, surely?), despite my ongoing campaign for "News," as the missing prefix...

Mad4Mud- yes it Mark Twain; sorry- I should have made this acknowledgment.

Animaterra, your comment about writing my own obit gives an excuse for MY obit story (very funny, yours, Pinetop): A Courier-Journal reporter called on me, when I was only in my late thirties, and during the interview kept referring to a paper in her folder, finally saying, "I hope you don't mind- I don't want to ask questions we already have answers for. This is your obituary."

WHAT! I was innocent; I knew obits were kept on file at Newspapers, but only for famous people. Why did they have mine? This reaction made quite a hit with her and she went on to do a very nice article. But it got me to thinking, what would folks really say about me after I'm gone? What would be my epitaph? I decided to write my own, but couldn't resist singing it sometimes, at the end of programs, etc. People wanted a different title, said it shouldn't be called a morbid thing like, "Epitaph." So when I did publish it later, in my CELEBRATION book, I retitled it, "Songs of Life" Will print it here if anyone's interested, but won't take up the space otherwise.

Thanks again. Love to all, Jean