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Posted By: F almost 46
07-Jan-99 - 01:48 AM
Thread Name: How Old is a Mudcatter?
Subject: RE: How Old is a Mudcatter?
Isn't that the "backside of 40"? I'm with Big Mick Lane. I am really enjoying my forties and damn proud of who I've become. BTW, I coined a new term a few years back: I call it "center age" - gets rid of all those nasty connotations of "middle age" ( in pre-Renaissance?)- and, personally, I think it denotes that well-rounded, balanced (well, hopefully) level of experience we baby crones and wizards have come to!

The only problem I have is with society and conventional doctors who have such set ideas and expectations of what our bodies and we are supposed to be doing at a certain age! When THEY ask for my age on a form, I usually write in "adult" or "all grown-up" or "old enough"!

Out of the ag(e)ist closet, I am