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09-Aug-01 - 10:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: What is this stuff - Karma?
Subject: RE: BS: What is this stuff - Karma?
I've never really believed in any of this and yet I've seen what surely must be the result. Does that mean that this force acts as an ever present defender of those who walk in the light, punishing those who would ignore it's power? Events certainly seem ramdom but do our actions coupled with these random occurances eventually create ripples which cannot be reversed. Do we indeed do create that which we face.

I saved the life of a man once. He was not a good person, for offenses too numerous he was habitually in and out of jail. I was awakened by the sound of an odd coughing late one night in the funky basement apartment I lived in. It was a very persistant sound that didn't pause and it sounded as if it was coming from another apartment. I got up to investigate and found smoke coming from the apartment above mine on the ground floor of the building. I knocked and then pounded trying to get the guy who lived there to open his door. Unable to rouse him, I then awakened the rest of the folks who lived there. Thinking perhaps this smoke or fire could spread. It was an old building with no fire protection in place so I called the FD. The building manager, an old retired merchant marine, was the last to rise, just after the fire department arrived. I don't know if it was his age or if there was some other reason that the manager was so difficult to wake. I saw as the manager opened the door to the room with his pass key. It was completely engulfed in a thick blanket of smoke. Suddenly from within the dense grey cloud my neighbor exited coughing and coughing. I think he would have died of smoke inhalation had I not acted.

My actions, in response to what I heard that evening, were random and accidental. I could just as easily have rolled over, being the lover of blissful sleep that I am, and drifted back into slumbers and not responded. Later I asked for this man's help with some mechanical problems my car was having. He said he was a mechanic and since I knew little about such. To make a long story longer, he ended up stripping and stealing everything from my car, leaving only the bare frame. I remember catching up with him in a bar shortly after I found my car stripped. I was stunned by his lack of remorse. Drunk, his only response was to complain to me that everyone seemed to be denying him his right to have fun. Not long after I heard he was shot and killed by someone as he attempted to enter their home in the middle of the night. It seems, while he was in jail, his old girlfriend had moved out of the place and an old gent with a big gun had moved in and shot him fearing he was a burgler or?

Now, was this just a case of my neighbor's Karmic ripples finally catching up with him? Did he just reap what he chose to sow?

I could go on with other similar examples of negative events visiting those whose actions were such. It's made me think twice about following those paths.