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Posted By: JohnInKansas
10-Aug-01 - 03:26 AM
Thread Name: String gauge - is there an instrument ?
Subject: RE: Help: String guage - is there an instrument ?
Since my S.O. is a devoted antique fanatic (she says that's why she "collected" me) I tour the antique shops in my area regularly. Anything that works (or might work) here goes straight to the pawn shop for $60 to $80, and then resells for a little more.

I'll readily concede that the situation may be different in other places, and it's certainly worth looking. You might even luck onto that 1924 mint Martin for 50 bucks while you're there.

Our local market is so inflated that you can often buy new for less than you can get a junker. I haven't checked recently, but not too long ago our local Sears & Sawbuck sold a decent 0-1 micrometer for under $30. The problem was that they only had the $80 one "in stock."