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Posted By: Dr John
07-Jan-99 - 04:26 PM
Thread Name: Right Wing Folksongs
Subject: Right Wing Folksongs
Please note: this is not a political thing and I don't want to know any BUT why are there no right wing folk songs? Would the people with a right wing bias listen to bougeois chamber music and the like? Does a song by a merchant bank with lots of money, a big car, a grand house etc not work? Are folk songs basically protest songs and these people have nothing to protest about? (I suppose Mull of Kintyre would be such a song if it had the merit to pass into the folk tradition) After all many of the "folk" I know whom you would think would create the wonderful songs we know as folk music have horrible right wing views. (sort of Alf Garnett)Or is because the intellectual collectors of folk songs with left wing tendencies supressed either deliberately or unconciously such music? No one I've spoken to can answer this. Thrown open to you out there!