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13-Aug-01 - 02:08 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Holy Ground (from The Wolfe Tones)
(I'm having to re-type this whole post as my computer froze just as I tried to submit it the first time. Aarrgh!)

You're right Clifton53, The Wolf Tones do a version of "The Holy Ground" on Rifles of the IRA. It's the same tune, but different lyrics from what we sang as The Reivers in British Columbia back in the '70s and 80s. The version we did went like this (we learned it I think from a Dubliners recording):


(FINE GIRL YOU ARE!) (shouted!)
1. Adieu to you my Ireland, a thousand times adieu.
We're going away from the Holy Ground and the girls that we love true.
We will sail the salt sea over, And then we'll turn for shore,
To see again the girls we love and the Holy Ground once more.

You're the girl I do adore,
And still I live in hopes to see
The Holy Ground once more

2) I see the storm arising, I see it coming soon
And the sky it is so cloudy you can scarcely see the moon.
And the good old ship she was tossing about; the rigging was all tore.
And still I live in hopes to see the Holy Ground once more


3) And now the storm is over and we are safe on shore.
We will drink a toast to the Holy Ground and the girls that we adore.
We will drink strong ale and Porter and make the rafters roar.
And when our money is all spent we'll go to sea once more.


We also did another song called "Off to Sea Once More" which did not mention the Holy Ground, but had the line "last night I slept with Angeline" that Wolfgang refers to. (Hello again, Wolfgang!) I have this on a recording by The Buskers about whom I know very little (ie. nothing!)


1) When first I landed in Liverpool, I went upon a spree.
Me money at last, I spent it fast, Got drunk as drunk could be.
When me money was all gone, It was then that I wanted more
:||But a man must be blind for to make up his mind, to go to sea once more||:
Once more, boys, once more. Go to sea once more.
(Repeat lines between :|| and ||:)

2) Last night I slept with Angeline too drunk to roll in bed.
Me money was new, me watch was too. In the morning with them she fled.
As I roamed the streets about, The whores they all did roar,
:||"There goes Jack Sprad, the poor sailor lad, he must go to sea once more!"||:
Once more, boys, once more. Go to sea once more.

3) I shipped on board of a whaling ship Bound for the Arctic Sea.
Where the cold winds blow the ice and snow, (Jamaica rum 'twas free.)
Worse to bear I'd no oilskins (I'd spent all me money ashore.)
:||'Twas then that I said that I wished I was dead; Could go to sea no more||:
No more, boys, no more. Go to sea no more.

4) Come all you jolly sea-faring lads and listen to me song.
When you come off those long, long trips I pray you won't go wrong.
Take my advice, drink no strong drink Or go sleeping with those whores.
:||Get married instead, spend all nights in bed And go to sea no more.||:
No more, boys, no more. Go to sea no more.

I think there has been some cross breeding and hybridization accurring between at least two songs, probably more. One of the neat things that happens with folk music, though it often leads to confusion. Cheers.