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The Gentle Shepherd

The opening lines of songs, and the tunes to which they were sung, in Allan Ramsay's 'The Gentle Shepherd', from reprint by A. Millar, London, 1763.

[My previous count was one too low. In the text there is an unnumbered song between #15 and #16.]

1: My Peggy is a young thing; Tune- The Wawking of the Faulds
2: Dear Roger if your Jenny geck; Tune- Fy gar rub her o'er with Strae
3: The dorty will repent; Tune- Polwart on the Green
4: O dear Peggy, Love's beguiling; Tune- O dear mother, what shall I do
5: How should I be sad when I a husband have; Tune- How can I be sad on my wedding day
6: I yield, dear lassie, ye hae won; Tune- Nansy's to the greenwood gane
7: Caul be the Rebels Cast; Tune- Cald Kale in Aberdeen
8: The Laird who in Riches and Honour; Tune- Muckin of Geordy's Byer
9: Peggy, now the King's come; Tune- Carle, an the King come
10: Winter was cauld, and my Clothing was thin; Tune- When first my dear Laddie gade to the Green-Hill [Yellow-haired Laddie]
11: By the delicious Warmness of thy Mouth; Tune- To its own tune [Ramsay had published it in his poems, 1721, as a song "Patie and Pegie". Tune is in A. Stuart's 'Music for Allan Ramsay's Collection of Scots Songs'(Tea Table Miscellany), c 1726; Oswald's 'Caledonian Pocket Companion', bk. 6; and song(s) and tune are in 'Scots Musical Museum'. #253, 254.]
12: Hid from himself, now by the Dawn; Tune- The Happy Clown
13: Were I assur'd you'll constant prove; Tune- Leith-Wind
14: Well, I agree, ye're sure of me; Tune- O'er Bogie
15: Now from Rusticity, and Love; Tune- What ye wha I met yestreen
XX: Unnumbered; Ye're welcomer to tak me, than to lat me be; Tune- Jocky said to Jenny, Jenny wilt thou do't?
16: Duty and Part of Reason; Tune- [An the] Kirk wad let me be [Blithsome Bridal/ Silly Old Man]
17: Speak on, speak thus and still my Grief; Tune- Wae's my heart that we should sunder
18: When hope was quite sank in Despair; Tune- Tweed-Side
19: At setting Day and rising Morn; Tune- Bush aboon Traquair
20: The bonny grey-ey'd morn begins to peep; Tune- Bonny gray- ey'd Morn
21: My Patie is a Lover gay; Tune- Corn Riggs are bonny

Early sources of all the tunes above can be found listed in the Scots tune index on my website.

Theophilus Ciber changed the order around a bit and substituted other tunes for several songs in his ballad opera version, 'Patie and Peggy: or, The Fair Foundling', 1730. [Source PPG in the ballad opera tune index on my website.]