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Posted By: jack of all trades..master of none
08-Jan-99 - 03:35 PM
Thread Name: What does a mudcatter do?
Subject: RE: What does a mudcatter do?
hmmm...interesting to remember my past lives...beside 'woodturner'

grocery checker, 'analyst' for computer company.(means I can program, but I could tell 'em when it made no sense!), Philosophy instructor, general flunky in a junk yard/hardware store, cabinet maker,

and....(ready?)...a 'bean counter' !! yep..I spent 1½ years actually counting beans! (and lots of other things) at a Stokley-Van Camp pork & bean cannery/warehouse! I was cycle inventory clerk, and had to account for 30,000-40,000 cases of beans peaches, peas, and potatoes etc.,at any one time...

I always wanted to appear on that "What's My Line" TV show and drive'em crazy!

Bill (he'll try anything once) D