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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
16-Aug-01 - 09:47 AM
Thread Name: Tunes rule OK? Or chords?
Subject: RE: Tunes rule OK? Or chords?
Marian, sounds to me what you want isn't "standard chord progressions" because that's just a way of saying that there are some sequences of chords that are quite common, and turn up time and time again, not that they are usable in all songs, or hat it's necessary to learn them as sequences.

What you want is a way of working out what the equivalent to a particular chord in a song would be if you were playing the song in another key.

The theory involved in working it out isn't difficult, essentially it's just knowing when the jump from one note to the next in a particular scale is one fret up, and when it's two frets up.

But a chord chart means you don't have to do that. There are lots of them on the net, and most of them are needlessly complicated and make it all look difficult.

Here is a straightforward one I found - the equivalent chords for the different keys are in equivalent places.

Have fun, and come on back to the Mudcat because you can find out anything here.