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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
16-Aug-01 - 10:29 AM
Thread Name: Folk Alliance vs. NAACP Part 2
Subject: RE: Folk Alliance vs. NAACP Part 2
But wasn't that what you were doing GUEST 9.31(assuming that the GUEST who was commenting on the liberalism of the mandarin classes at 8.51 is the same GUEST. But that's another wearisome issue...(and I'm breaking a sensible promise to in posting this).

We all draw a line and some of the views we disagree with are on this side, and some are on that side. And if they are on that side, we don't see them as valid, and can't really work and communicate with people holding them. And in principle that's quite right, I'd say. But we've got to be careful where we draw that line, and some people draw them in very peculiar places. And some peole refuse to draw them in places whee they maybe need to be drawn, which is in a sense what this thread is all about.