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Posted By: JohnInKansas
16-Aug-01 - 06:57 PM
Thread Name: Help: Guitar Tab Translator needed
Subject: Guitar Tab Translator needed
My S.O. is attempting to compile her own song book, and has been doing a slash & burn trip through all kinds of web sites - and thoroughly trashing my carefully indexed library of music books. This is keeping her off the streets and out of trouble, so it's not a problem.

My problem is that when she can't find a midi (which her program makes into notes) or a standard score that she can copy into her print program, I get tasked to "translate."

I've worked out translations for harmonica tab, and abc etc is do-able, but I've run into some guitar tab that I can't read. The problem scripts come mostly from "vanity" sites, where people have posted their own stuff with no info on what their "pet" notations mean. These may be "standard" but they ain't in any of my refs.

Example, if I can get this to stick together when I post it:

         q  q   q   q  e e e e   e e e e  e e+e e  

I've got that the "G" above the string diag is a chord name.

The "1h2" I presume is fret 1, hammer-on to 2. There are also a couple of "pulloffs" notated as "3p2" etc.

Can anyone tell me:

.....if the ":" on "4:" in the first measure has a conventional meaning?

.....what the "^" on "^5" might signify?

.....what the "q" and "e" notations (and the "e+e") at the bottom might mean?

Thanks for any help.