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Posted By: Art Thieme on Paul Stamler
09-Jan-99 - 12:36 AM
Thread Name: Art Thieme's CD: The Older I Get, The Better I Was
Subject: RE: Art Thieme's New CD
Folks, I must tell you how terribly important co-producer PAUL STAMLER was to the final product that is this new/last/only CD of mine. Paul took the DATs from Rich Warren at WFMT in Chicago and Tom Martin-Erickson of Wisconsin Public Radio and Alex McDougall of the Lake County, Illinois Folk Club and groomed them. He deleted unwanted embarrassing statements I made, belches and @#$%^&*&^%$*&, as well as extricating individual songs from medleys and long boring raps and dated jokes about Tom Jefferson's dalliances with Sally in the Oval Outhouse out back of Monticello.

Paul is also a folk DJ on St.Louis radio and you haven't heard anything until you have heard Paul's several hours of programming of songs about CHICKENS! He is a wizard of digital musical engineering, computer manipulations and pyrotechnics. He took these old tapes and made them sound like I was playing a rather seamless concert (almost). These various performances were from the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's. The concert halls were sometimes tiny coffeehouses with 7 people in the room and sometimes larger outdoor and indoor festival sets with thousands in attendance. It was not easy to make this sound as if it pretty much flowed. But Mr. Paul Stamler pretty much did it!

Paul, thank you for you expertise and your generosity---monetary and otherwise.---Thank you for reminding me, by your grand example, to adhere to valued political and social positions I sometimes have, out of lethargy and weariness, allowed to slide----but mostly, thank you for your friendship! I love ya, guy!