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Posted By: BH
16-Aug-01 - 07:54 PM
Thread Name: Folk Alliance vs. NAACP Part 2
Subject: RE: Folk Alliance vs. NAACP Part 2
Oh, could I resist? No!!

A debate amongst people is good. Stand on a podium with your adversary and debate an issue. It is hard, though, to debate a nebulous phantom as GUEST. Probably a bit of a coward----and I am certainly sorry to hear that person is one who teaches our children. By his/her admission.

I do believe that the comment in one post ending in "eh?" might be giving us a hint of his/her base.

Regarding his/her comments on paranoia; no your walking to work is wonderful---wish we could all do that. Your not eating in fast food restaurants is great---you seem to be dining--as they say "high off the hog" --venison, etc; Great that you can afford these high tone places on your small pittance of a wage. You do claim to teach. You rent--I assume. Hopefully your landlord is not subjugating you or I am sure you would rebel after you come home from your venison dinner.

Sadly, your anonymity has created a situation where a true and proper discussion is impossible.

I think I shall now sidle up to the bar (with people propping me up because of my lack of a backbone) and order some Vodka with the other Liberals who have decided that zealotry on the left or right is, basically, the thing that causes rather than solves problems.


Bill Hahn