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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
17-Aug-01 - 04:18 PM
Thread Name: Finger Picks @#!???!!!!
Subject: RE: Help: Finger Picks @#!???!!!!
Just wanted to let people know that, at last, someone has imported the better quality plastic Alaska picks in to England.

I'd been nagging Thrift Music, of Frinton in Essex to get them, and at Sidmouth there they were on their stall.

And they work beautifully, none of that trouble with being brittle and scratchy that made the old ones virtually unusable. Like having good strong finger nails that won't break-off at awkward times. The only finger picks I've ever felt comfortable with, pick or scratch either way, strum with one finger or several. What is best though is that the largest X size fits neatly on the thumb, so that I can play with the volume of a thumb-pick, but using the same thumb movement as fingerpicking, and I find that way it's a lot more accurate and less tiring. (L size on the other fingers. Anyone who uses the M or even more so the S size must really have tiny fingers.)

Anyway, Thrift had them as £2 each. And I haven't seen them anywhere else yet - none of the other music stalls at Sidmouth seemed to have them. I believe somewhere in Denmark Street in London someone is supposed to be selling them at about double the price.

In case you run across them somewhere else, the old useless ones were transparent plastic, the new ones are sort of pink. They call them flesh-coloured, though I'd be a bit worried if my flesh were that colour.