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Posted By: Cuilionn
10-Jan-99 - 03:09 PM
Thread Name: mis-heard lyrics (surely they didn't say...)
Subject: RE: mis-heard lyrics (surely they didn't say...)
Dinnae ken how mony Mudcatters listen tae bands like th' Proclaimers, (Scottish braithers frae 'roond Aberdeen) but for years I wis blythly singin' alang tae ane sang, ca'd "This is the Story..."

I wis singin' ane o' th' lines as "This is th' story o' Lizzie McGillicuddy..." when my friend whae wis drivin' started laughin' sae hard she near tae left th' road. Several minutes later, still snickerin', she pulled o'er ontae th' shoulder o' th' highway an' draggit oot th' liner notes frae th' cassette case...

Turns oot th' wairds actually read "This is a story aboot losin' my virginity."

(Daes my mis-hearin' hae onythin' tae dae wi' me bein' a student at a seminary?!? Sic a wee innocent I wis, aye!)

Gabh spors, --Cuilionn