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22-Aug-01 - 05:00 PM
Thread Name: Sea Chanty Origin (traditional?)
Subject: RE: Sea Chanty Origin (traditional?)
First of all, you're right, It's not a chantey proper, but it does have that sort of a "feel".

Here it is then, please pardon in advance any typos...

When sea was worth me trustin' and me youth was on me side I met a pretty lass I hoped I'd ask to be my bride She like the way I stood me ground, I lvoed but never told her Of my family or my tender age for she was 12 years older

I met her in a bar not far from here what did we do We danced, we wined, we dined, we left, the rest I'll leave to you So as me folks was jiggin' on me ground I took me stand I'll be no man of the ocean, for me girl I'll stay on land


Well the fog horn calls the mornin' off the coast of Newfoundland The ocean gives its warnin while me sea-legs take their stand But me boys you'd find me swimmin If it weren't for love of women I'll plant me down on solid ground and take my lady's hand

Well me dad sailed for king georgie at the dawn of world war 2 He can't recall the story 'course he must have had a few But now he's jiggin' cod me boys off the east coast of cape speare I'll see him next at christmas, or in the coming year

He'll need a helping hand at sea, he hasn't been his best Since my old mother left him (for a better catch I guess) My respects to the royal family, and to me god on high But the rollin' sea don't call to me, this sailor's stayin' dry


Well as me luck would have it me poor father got his hand It was the hand I wished to take meself for whom I'd stayed on land Me darlin' took the wild life sea, for she was unemployed And left me lack of company, I had once enjoyed

A year went by without her but to her I still stayed true The ocean called no more to me, I'd wait till she was through....

But as foreshadowed once before me luck went to another For me pretty lass came home with daddy's ring, now she's my mother!


So that's the whole of it. Anyone heard this before? It's areally fun song to sing and play, fairly simple G/C/D thing going on with the chords.