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Posted By: Joe_F
22-Aug-01 - 07:46 PM
Thread Name: Aug 18th, 1941: Lili Marleen
Subject: RE: Aug 18th, 1941: Lili Marleen
The English version I remember hearing during the war (only barely remember -- I was 7 when it ended) is recognizably the one by Tommie Connor. However, I also have a couple of LPs on which Marlene Dietrich sings it in English, and her version is very different: farther from the original German, more sentimental, and much more upbeat. It ends:

When we are marching thru the mud and cold
And my pack's weight seems more than I can hold,
My love for you renews my might,
I'm warm again, my pack is light --
It's you, Lili Marlene...

Where does that one come from?

I also have a couple of recordings of her singing it in German, and in both of them she leaves out the stanza that begins "Schon rief der Posten...". Why? I miss it. That little scrap of realistic conversation -- "I'm coming right away, buddy" -- seems to take me right back there, even tho I have never been a soldier & know almost no German.

An interesting fact that seems not to have appeared on this thread is that altho Leip wrote the first four stanzas in 1914, he did not write the fifth till 1937. It is noticeably different in style, but IMO makes a good conclusion.

There is an extensive article about this song in the German magazine _Der Spiegel_, 35(4):168-176 (19 January 1981). It has pictures of the military radio station in Belgrade, and texts of some of the parody stanzas the German & U.S. soldiers made up.