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11-Jan-99 - 04:00 PM
Thread Name: What brand condoms do Mudcatters prefer.
Subject: RE: What brand condoms do Mudcatters prefer.
Folkmusic not much fun any longer? Can't do the "Game of All Fours" in C above High C anymore?

Maybe it's because you just put the first scratch in that Martin D-28 you told us about on the "What Kind of Guitar Do You Play" thread in November. Maybe it's because you used those extra heavy strings you read about on the "What Kind of Strings Do You Use" thread and your 1964 Vega Pete Seeger long neck folded up like Myron Florin's accordion. Maybe it's because you're a 42 year-old diagnostic computer pathologist for a non-profit internet marketing firm making $535,000 a year but you work 26 hours a day and plug into Mudcat on your coffee breaks.

What are you gonna do? Trade in all your nGhardaraha na Ceoltori a Brachandurandandra CDs for Dr B and Da Bad Noose house-rap fusion discs? Not a chance!

Pull yourself out from underneath that snowbank (applies to North Americans living above a line stretched between San Francisco and New York and Brits living North of Spaghetti Junction), wipe that Ultimate 40 Suncreen off your sweaty red nose (applies to Australians currently not holidaymaking in the Blue Mountains) and sign up for Uncle Art's Family Folk Music and Condom Camp (location to be determined by on-line thread).

To secure your place, send $50 (American, Australian, Canadian or Euros accepted) to Art Thieme, c/o Walgreen's Drug Store, Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York, NY, USA. Please include 2 dozen new condoms (of your favorite brand). Art will personally test (possibly with another person) the integrity of each of these sheaths and report on his findings at the "Hi, my Mudcat user name is....?" cocktail party on the first night.

Important: HTML literacy is mandatory for attendance.