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26-Aug-01 - 03:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: Early Visitors to North America
Subject: RE: BS: Early Visitors to North America
A good site for archeological matters thats updated daily is with this site you get the press releases as they happen but not many direct links. This provides lots of food for thought on both mainstream archeology and some slightly off the wall subjects, so folks reading through the list of updates will surley find at least one thing of interest.

There are several recent entries on this Kensington stone, a subject that has been relativley ignored over here in the UK but then this small island has enough historical mysteries to keep us going for decades. I bet Hollywood are already casting their greedy eyes over this one though, after all who really needs facts.

To show how archeology has been used and abused have a look at, this is a summery of a really good series shown on UK tv detailing a rough history of the subject, if it made it to the US then its well worth the time to watch it.

Finding something of interest is so often a matter of blind luck, one of our teams out here in the Saharah recently found a stone that had carvings of giraffe and antelope on it, the enviroment for such creatures dissappeared out here around 10,000 years ago, makes you wonder how old the carvings are.