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Posted By: Deckman
26-Aug-01 - 02:48 PM
Thread Name: Thanx to Sandy Paton
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
I just noticed this thread ... I've been busy! I have to add my .02 worth. Sandy, even though you and I have yet to meet, hug and shake hands, I grew up in folkmusic in Seattle under your legend. You and I both know the help you gave me a few years ago when I had to write an obituary. And you helped again recently and expanded my knowlege. Hey ... "expanded my knowlege." I think I just verbalized what about half of these wonderful folks have just said about you. And the other half of them just want to thank you for being you. How's that for a tribute! I'd like to add my name to the list. CHEERS, Bob(deckman)Nelson