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Posted By: Roger in Sheffield
27-Aug-01 - 03:11 PM
Thread Name: Pipe Chanter and whistle ?
Subject: RE: Pipe Chanter and whistle ?
I don't think he will mind me sharing this so here is what Colin Goldie just sent back in response

I had the same request last week from someone asking if I can make a Low D with the same fingering as the uillean pipes. To be perfectly frank I do not know. I will have a go and see if I can get one working but I will only have time in the next month or so. The problem I see is the cross fingering. As I do not play uillean pipes although I am learning the German bagpipes I am sure there will be big differences. The first one that springs to mind is that on a uillean pipe chanter the bottom of the chanter is closed unless you are playing first octave D. I think because of this there is more air pressure coming out of the holes and this would completly change where the holes would go. What I will do as I say is have a go and see what I come with. The Modal whistle was easy as on the high D/C I just lengthened the tube and added two holes so it still plays exactly the same as a D. What I would probably need to do to make a whistle chanter? would be first to have a look at a uillean pipe chanter just to see where the holes are and the sizes of them in relation to each other. I can let you know more when I give it a try. Hope this is helpful and will come back asap