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12-Jan-99 - 07:44 AM
Thread Name: songs of Victor Jara (1932-1973)
Subject: RE: formatting//It could've been me
Help, Joe or Somebody. There are loads of repeats of my message so could you please wipe all but the final sending. I tried giving a command to underline a word and instead it sent my message about 8 times! Well, I won't do that again, but can you explain how to keep verses in line. I'm at a university computer where the modem is always on and I typed directly on to the reply form, rather than pasting in from another application. I pressed 'return' after each line in the verses, but they don't appear in that format on the forum. Yeah, I suppose I should go to the forum help pages or the 'administrivia' thread rather than trivialising the Jara thread?
- thanks, Felipa

I think Violetta Para also recorded Victor's songs.

There's a verse about Jara in Holly Near's "It could've been me":
The junta took the fingers from Victor Jara's hands
They said to the gentle poet, "Play your guitar now if you can."
Well, Victor started singing until they shot his body down
You can kill a man, but not a song, when it's heard the whole world round.

[chorus] - It could have been me, but instead it was you
so I'll keep on doing the work you were doing as if I were two
I'll be a student of life. a singer of songs, a farmer of food and a righter of wrongs
It could have been me but instead it was you
And it may be me, dear sisters and brothers before we are through
But if you can fight for freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom
If you can fight for freedom, I can too!