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Posted By: RoyH (Burl)
27-Aug-01 - 05:31 PM
Thread Name: Thanx to Sandy Paton
Subject: RE: Thanx to Sandy Patton
It's time to add my bit to the 'Thanx' Back in 1976, my first tour in America, I was at the NY Pinewoods club spring weekend at Camp Freedman. Sandy & Caroline were there too, familiar in name to me but I had never yet seen or met them. My plan was to seek them out and introduce myself, say thanks for the Folk-Legacy albums I had. The plan proved unnecessary. Sandy came over to me, asked about a song, and 'How did I like America, talking as if we had known each other for years. Caroline did likewise. Within a few minutes I felt we really HAD known each other for years. By now, of course, we HAVE known each other for lots of years,but the feeling of warmth and undemanding friendship I got from them all that time ago has never diminished. If anything it has grown ever more cherished with the passing years. In a time when the folk scene has grown? into a spectator sport/industry it's reassuring to know that some people who recall the spirit of participation and fellowship that marked the early days of this revival are still active and holding on to those principles. I can think of no truer standard bearers than Sandy ans Caroline. I may be an atheist, but I say, 'God Bless 'Em'. BURL.