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Posted By: Gareth
27-Aug-01 - 06:44 PM
Thread Name: Swanage Folk Feastival (UK)
Subject: RE: Swanage Folk Feastival (UK)
The problem is not the MP - it is the particular Council.

And a bigger problem is that some herbert, when putting up the dates on the website has allowed (presumbly thanks to MicroSoft) the American dating convention to apply.

The Swanage Festival is in September, not August !!!!

Sorry I did not spot it myself untill I was checking my diary to see if I could attend.

BTW Many years ago as a junior clerk in the City I recieved a full blown reprimand for drafting a telex to the US of A giving a date in the XX/XX/XX format.
(Shouted) You bloody idiot - how the hell do you ecpect the Yanks to understand that - they will read it backwards !!!!"
Telex ?? - that shows how long ago it wwas. - Ah ! Fred Dyos, now deceased, a damn fine manager.