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28-Aug-01 - 03:36 AM
Thread Name: Sporting hero songs?
Subject: Lyr Add: TURPIN-SUGAR RAY
For once the memory was right> It was Randolph Turpin and it was the Critics>. Fortunately, the LP has the words which I transcribe here> Sorry I don't do dots, chords or MP3!

(Fight of 1951 inspired Soho gambler "The Professor" to write this. Music by Ewan MacColl recorded by The Critics on "Sweet Thames Flow Softly" Argo ZDA47)

1.Come all you sporting citizens
Who like an honest fight
You gamblers who know the silver ring
All you who fancy leather
2.They said that Turpin was too young
To fight with Sugar Ray
And the champion he would cut young Turpin down
But you should have seen our Randy
Chewing up that Sugar Candy
On the night he won the right to wear the crown

3.There was eighteen thousand people
In the stadium that night
When Sugar Ray came prancing down the aisle
With his midget and his barber
And bags of old palaver
And Randy in his cornet he just smiled

4.The bell went for the first round
And the boys came out slow
As cagey as two lions in the zoo
And the punters they were sweating
On cleaning up the betting
With the odds on Sugar Ray at 5 to 2

5.Young Turpin came out fighting
When they belled the second round
And Sugar led a straight left to the chin
But that punch just sliced the air
For young Randy wasn't there
And those fighting boys just up and waded in

6.For six long rounds they mixed it
While Turpin set the pace
And Sugar Ray was showing all he knew
But Turpin's hooks and hammer punches
Upset all the punters hunches
And the betting now was down to 3 to 2

7.They mixed it in the seventh round
Exchanging blow for blow
And excitement in the crowd was rising high
Then the Yankee* boy back peddled
At the British boy's advance
The crimson it was flowing from his eye

8.They said that Turpin wouldn't last
Beyond the seventh round
But he went in there and showed 'em they was wrong
Eight more rounds he was attacking
And he gave and took a bashing
And all the time the punches coming strong

9.For seventy long minutes
Those heroes fought it out
A better fight no man did ever see
And the champion, Sugar Ray,
Fought young Turpin all the way
But the British boy he gained the victory

10.So join with me you sporting boys
And punters one and all
And join with me and sing young Turpin's fame
For he beat the Yankee down
And he won the champion's crown
We never shall forget young Turpin's name.

*"Yankee" used in the British sense, of course, as any US citizen
RtS (I'm sure I remember my Dad listening to this fight - Eamonn Andrews and W.Barrington Dalby commentating, I expect- on the wireless)