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Posted By: JohnInKansas
28-Aug-01 - 06:17 AM
Thread Name: Glossary of Scottish Words (PermaThread)
Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
I found a request from Joe Offer for a way to reduce the size of this file here: HTML PRACTICE
I'm not sure whether I have anything working here, but:
The glossary information here is about 14,841 paragraphs when set up as a table.
Word Tools - Wordcount shows 6,669 paragraphs when converted to straight text.
If I interpret what is here, each entry consists of a "Word" with "Word Variants" and a definition, in three columns.

If this is changed from a column layout (table^#041; to a text line of:

Word (variants): Definition

there is a slight saving in character count, since you don't need the table element and table row declarations.

Potentially, the change in format could reduce the file size to about a third of what is needed to post as a table(?)

Attempting to download this entire thread crashed my rather wimpy machine several times, requiring considerable reboot, disk cleanup, delete temps, etc., but I think I got all of the glossary that is listed in the thread. This is apparently only a small piece of what is in the whole thing.

On my Win98 machine, with 64M RAM, I was unable to do a table convert to text on the whole 122 pages of table in this string, but didn't have any trouble converting half of it at a time.

Because the size of the file is rather large, I am posting this note as a warning.
My next post will attempt to include the part of the glossary in the present thread as a single post.