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Posted By: Aidan Crossey
30-Aug-01 - 09:01 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 24
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 24
To the tune of "Morrissey And The Russian Sailor", which is the only song about fighting which springs immediately to my mind.

All fans of animation love the bunny they call Bugs
But listen while I tell you of some bunnies who are thugs
Listen while I tell you, it happened as I say
Of the fight between two Easter bunnies, just the other day

I was strolling through the shopping mall in part to stretch my legs
And in part to check the prices of the various Easter eggs
For those ovoid confections were on general display
It being within a whisper of that annual Sunday

I don't know if they were rivals, colleagues or best friends
But one bunny made a comment intended to offend
It gave rise to high indignance, some comments which were choice
Delivered to the other in most aggressive voice

Pushing then, and shoving, before – God bless us all! –
A serious escalation inside the shopping mall
Bunny One removed his head, to reveal an ugly face
That gave rise to several customers fleeing from the place

Bunny Two removed his head, his face was just as grim
He glowered at Bunny One and moved a step more close to him
He spat and stormed and shouted "Bunny One I'm warning you
If you don't quit your shoving, you'll end up as rabbit stew."

That one remark contained the spark that set the row on fire
A punch, a kick, a chop, that cranked the heat a little higher
A headlock and a wrestle, a knee connects with groin
And then a change of fortune that turned the fight around

The police were called, they swamped the mall, arrests were quickly made
And off in chains to the local jail, Bunnies One and Two were led
The judge next day was heard to say, "My dillemma now is such
Whether to condemn you to the cell or to the rabbit hutch"