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Posted By: George Seto -
01-Sep-01 - 11:12 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Tread on the Tail of Me Coat
Subject: RE: The Quiet Man

It was there I learned readin' and writin'
At Dick Croly's where I went to school,
And 'twas there I learned howlin and fightin'
with my school master Mister O'Toole.
Him and me we had many a scrimmage,
and devil a copy I wrote,
there was ne'er a gossoon in the village,
dared tread on the tail of my coat of my coat.

Mush, mush, mush, turaliady,
Sing mush, mush, mush, turalia,
There was ne'er a gossoon in the village
dared tread on the tail of my coat.

Oh 'twas there I learned all my courtin',
Many lessons I took in the art;
Till Cupid, the blackguard, while sportin',
An arrow drove straight thro' my heart.
Molly O'Connor, she lived just forninst me,
And tender lines to her I wrote,
If you dare say on hard word again her,
I'll tread on the tail of your coat.

But a blackguard called Mickey Maloney,
came and stole her affections away,
For he'd money and I had'nt any,
So I sent him a challenge next day.
In the evening we met at the woodbine,
The shannon we crossed in a boat,
And I lathered him with my shillelah,
for he trod on the tail of my coat.

Oh, my fame went abroad thro' the nation
and folks came a flocking to see
And they cried out without hesitation,
"You're a fightin' man, Billy McGee."
I have claned out the Finegan faction,
And I've licked all the Murphys afloat,
If you're in for a row or a ruction,
Just tread on the tail of my coat.