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Posted By: Jack the Sailor
01-Sep-01 - 05:23 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 34
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 34
THe first response to this challenge was a John Prine song as was my entry for the Mermaid one. So this one is pure fate!

Sam Stone John Prine

Brian McCluskey got busted, for trying to buy some methaphetamine
And the time that he served wasn't too bad on his nerves
distributing the treats from the canteen
But the M&M's were strange and he gained a lot of fame
As the prisoner who won a million bucks
And his wife thought they were finaly in luck

There's a Safe deposit box for Brian's M&M's
Special amoured boxes are surrounding them
Little candies have big prize, don't think about the lies
That advertisers tell to make you think you'll win mmm mmmm Brian McCluskey he trusted the people who all said.
It looks like you are in for better times
And Brian was surprised when they told hime that his prize
Was just another bag of candy and not a dime
So the dream past through his fingers, but the memory still lingers He sit around his jailcell and he pouts
How it melted through his hands and not his mouth

There's a Safe deposit box for Brian's M&M's
The prize is another bag just like them
You'd think hed got the hint, or reread the fine print
Before spending hard earned money for the rent mmm mmmm Brian McCluskey was frustrated when he open up a Coke,
It said that a million bucks was won
Well he thought he'd smelled a trap so he buttoned up his trap
and waited til his turn to use the phone
So he called again his wife and said upon my life
I looks like another market scam, what kind of fool do these folks think I am.

There's a garbage dump in Utah, Hurricane
Where a million bucks lies waiting unclaimed
Don't let them get you twice was his good wife's advice
Throw it out, serve you time and things will be the same mmm mmmm