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Posted By: AnaAna
14-Jan-99 - 02:56 AM
Thread Name: What brand condoms do Mudcatters prefer.
Subject: RE: What brand condoms do Mudcatters prefer.
NZ has a troupe of female entertainers(singers/actors) called "hens teeth". One of their cocktail pieces is a cooking demonstration (versatile as they are!) The ingredients of course are mixed in the intimate arena of the stage - flour,sugar,baking powder,milk and currants. The icky substance is then carefully inserted into ....a condom, and popped into the onstage microwave. The substance then,somewhat deliciously and magically grows (and whooee! grows) into that well known and much loved English Pudding "spotted dick". It is then of course passed amongst the audience so all can have a wee nibble. Sorry-dont know what brand th