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Posted By: Don Meixner
15-Jan-99 - 05:06 PM
Thread Name: The Bob Dylan Mystique
Subject: RE: The Bob Dylan Mystique, Another opinion
I guess I still fail to see the fascination. Dylan wrote many good tunes but the icon status eludes me. Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs, and Malvina Reynolds wrote as many good tunes and with the exception of Malivina, all sang better. Tom Paxton remains the topical bard that he always has been, clear of pen and voice, while Dylan mumbles his way, crptycally, through every record and performance I have heard and seen. Nashville Skyline approaches brilliance as do individual songs off many of his albums, but the same could be said for many singers that don't seem to enjoy the Cult Icon Status that Dylan has. Every song on Paxton's Morning Again album, which came out around the same time as Skyline is solid and incite full. Off later albums About the Children, When Princes Meet, and Icarus are especially good and inciteful songs. I think the sadness is that Phil Ochs didn't live long enough to fulfill his potential. But his songs too had a voice and style that no one has yet adequately measured. When I'm Gone, Cannons of Christianity, Pleasures of the Harbor, and Celia come immediately to my mind. I think that Dylans "goodness" is assured by his many good, solid songs but whether there is greatness therein; I remain unconvinced.

Don Meixner