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Posted By: Calach
06-Sep-01 - 11:03 AM
Thread Name: 2002 World Cup Cancelled!!!
Subject: 2002 World Cup Cancelled!!!
I heard it on the radio!
thw World Cup in Korea/Japan has been cancelled.
FIFA President Serge Blatta has confirmed that Japan have pulled the carpet from the World Cup; they say that since England are "obviously" goint to win, there's no point in holding the tournament at all.
The Japanese government are not unpleased with the loss of revenue from the cancelled event; a senoir official said "The money we save from policing the England games will more than compensate us."
Calach, News On The Mudcat, Tokyo.
(OK, I'm a Scot and a little pissed off after last night's performance, but at least I'm not bitter........RIGHT!)