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Posted By: bob
16-Jan-99 - 12:27 AM
Thread Name: A challenge:a flea,an orange,a bicycle seat
Subject: RE: A challenge:a flea,an orange,a bicycle seat
One time I goed crazy,a dream come to me thought I's walkin with a world-worn flea in my dream ther's nobody else around cept an orange in a tree, hangin down climbed up th trunk highs I could go but the fruit was outta reach, and I told th flea so said th flea to me "don't worry yer head I'll climb up on the branch instead alls I really need from you is some means of travel, a rock or a shoe or any old thing that you might find see I'll sit on it and you can send me flyin" so down goes I and I walks around lookin for flea-fliers on th ground then what should I kick with my stumblin feet some body dropped their bicycle seat! well I picked it up and on jumps th flea and I flung him up in that citrus tree I said "come on, boy, drop that orange down" but the flea just laughed sayin "Ain't you a clown!" He said "I got better things to do than sit in th dirt eatin lunch with you" now I don't mind sayin,it made me swear to watch that flea puttin on airs and as I start to stomp and steam thats where i wake up from this crazy dream now a very wise man once said all them dreams is just in yer head but my advice is of a different kind you give me half of yer orange I'll give you half of mine