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Posted By: Sorcha
06-Sep-01 - 05:02 PM
Thread Name: Help - Buying a Dulcimer
Subject: RE: Help - Buying a Dulcimer
How much do they want for it? I am not familiar with that maker; I paid $60 for my first one at a second hand store (generic brand) and $250 10 yrs ago for my walnut McSpadden. McSpadden has more expensive ones with fancy wood, inlay, etc. but that fancy doesn't make them sound better.

Check the frets/scale before you buy it. The frets should be smooth on the ends, and fingers or noter should slide easily. The scale should be true. If the frets are in the wrong place it won't be. Does it have a 61/2 fret? Not all do. If you want to play minor tunes, you will need a 61/2.