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Posted By: Philippa
16-Jan-99 - 10:12 AM
Thread Name: What brand condoms do Mudcatters prefer.
Subject: RE: What brand condoms do Mudcatters prefer.
I admit, I already knew what dental dams are, heard about them YEARS ago. I don't know any songs or limericks about them. There's a thread about how much time people spend on Mudcat; my visits are getting longer and longer because Joe keeps adding all these links. I came to this thread after reading the methodologies threads Joe sent me to. And then I had to look at the condom catalogue; I'm pleased to see it has a "Secure Server".

Max and Barbara write about dad's sock drawer. Well, I did once rifle my dad's drawer when I was young(er) and found something I never forgot. It was written on a piece of paper. My excuse for writing it here is that SteveF gave me an html assignment to type out two limericks; so here's no. 1: There was an old man all forlorn
Who wished he had never been born
And he wouldn't have been if his father had seen
The place where the rubber was torn.