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Posted By: Alice
16-Jan-99 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Alice, where are you going? Upstairs to..
Subject: RE: Alice, where are you going? Upstairs, to tak
Hey, Dale, thanks for that list! Alice Blue Gown is the only one that came to my mind, so you came up with some from searching Levy that I didn't know.
I was thinking about how cruel kids can be this morning as I looked at my son with the broken clavicle caused by the bully at school. We happened to see Lord Of The Flies on TV about a week ago, and Ryan said, Gee, mom, this is so freaky, what these kids are doing, killing each other. I said, Wait til you read the book, it's even freakier.
The story shows how kids need to be trained not to be cruel. The capacity to enjoy inflicting pain is active in them if they aren't civilized to be compassionate. It reminds me of the children's songs like Weela Wallia and The Man Of Double Deed, which I have sung since I was a kid.
Alice is a name passed down in my family, and when my brother was in Leitrim last year, looking at the land records where our family were tenants, he found that Alice Flynn was the last who had the largest parcel before the immigration to the US. It is being reforested now.