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Posted By: Wolfgang
07-Sep-01 - 07:39 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: She Was Crazy, He Was Mad (L Rosselson)
Subject: Lyr Add: SHE WAS CRAZY, HE WAS MAD (L Rosselson)^^
Les has helped my memory and I have found the lyrics in an insert in an LP which nobody has here except me. It is one of those private releases only bought by friends and acquaintances. The LP is called 'Brenda and Pat', a coproduction by an English/German and an Australian. Here are the lyrics as they sing them (presumably as Rosselson wrote them).



Chorus: She was crazy, he was mad,
together they danced
He believed her to be the Queen of Sheba
she was convinced that he was a prince
and they were dancing together
in the wind and the weather
she was crazy, he was stark staring mad.

Look here, said the fellow with the grey flannel skin
and planted on his bald head: Keep off the grass
it's absolutely clear that you can't dance here
'cos you haven't got a licence, your credentials won't pass
and according to subsection A of paragraph Z
you're defaulting on your payments for the upkeep of the dead.

Look here, said the man with the two glass eyes
and plastered on his wall face: Vote for me
it's absolutely clear that you can't dance here
'cos you're clogging up the drains of our democracy
The machine is geared for action, the direction's straight ahead
and you ought to be at work producing poppies for the dead.

So they turned on the search lights and switched off the sun
and they built white walls 'round the dancing pair
Now from everywhere people come and stare
at the man and the woman who are dancing there
and the profit from the peepshow, the authorities said
will be spent on reproducing plastic popeyes for the dead.^^