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Posted By: Sarah the flute
08-Sep-01 - 09:55 AM
Thread Name: Tinwhistles - tweekin and tunin
Subject: RE: Tinwhistles - tweekin and tunin
Yipee I can join in again now that my cookie has been reset.

During a long lazy Summer break I have had 2 interesting experiences with my whistles....!!!

The first involved an outdoor gig and a procession when a flying insect of some description decided to fly up the whistle and I had failed to observe it was doing this until it reached my mouth .... any remedies for this???

The second involved playing whistle on my own for an hour at a VERY POSH party in central London where the host wanted an Irish snake charmer!!! .... luckily the snakes turned out to be of the rubber variety. - The things we do for money!!!