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18-Jan-99 - 07:26 AM
Thread Name: songs of Victor Jara (1932-1973)
Subject: ADD: Plegaria a un Labrador (Victor Jara)
Another song from an anonymously compiled US publication "Winds of the People" [the book gives no music, only recommended guitar chords]:

PLEGARIA A UN LABRADOR (Prayer to a farm worker)

Levántate y mira la montaña
De donde viene el viento el sol y el agua
Tú que manejas el curso de los ríos
Tú que sembraste el vuelo de tu alma.
[chords /Am Dm -Am(2x) Am G E Am (2x)]

Levántate y mírate las manos
Para crecer estréchala a tu hermano
Juntos iremos, unidos en la sangre
Hoy es el tiempo que puede ser mañana.

Líbranos de aquel que nos domina en la miseria
Tráenos tu reino de justicia e igualdad
Sopla como el viento la flor de la quebrada
Limpia como el fuego el cañón de mi fusil.
[Dmaj7 - A- (2x0 CG DA (2x)]

Hágase por fin tu voluntad aquí en la tierra
Danos tu fuerza y tu valor al combatir
Sopla como el viento ...

Levántate y mírate las manos
Para crecer estréchala a tu hermano
Juntos iremos, unidos en la sangre
Ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte - ¡amen!

notes - "Written as a plea to Chile's farm laborers to join urban workers in taking their implements and lives into their own hands. Even as Jara was being tortured and murdered during the coup a TV technician risked his life to dub this song over a movie as a message of hope to all Chileans." On VICTOR JARA, QUILAPAYUN (Monitor Records, New York)) on Judy Collins BREAD AND ROSES, & on LUCHA MEANS STRUGGLE (Editorial Lagos, Argentina/was available from 1720 Newton ST NW, Washington DC 20010 at time of "Winds of the People" publication).
TRANS: "Stand up, look at the mountain, the source of the sun, the wind, the water. You who change the course of the rivers have sown the seeds of your soul's own flight./ Stand up, look at your hands: to grow you must extend them to your sisters and brothers. We'll go together united by blood, the future can begin today. Free us from those who keep us hungry, bring in your kingdom of justice. Blow like the wind blows the flower to a ravine. Cleanse us like fire cleans the barrel of a gun./ Let your will be done once and for all here on earth. give us your strength and courage to fight.../....united by blood, now and in the hour of our death. Amen"

'Plegaria a un Labrador' is also published in "Rise up Singing". The copyright details are given as: 1971 & 1976 Editorial Lagos, Buenos Aires, Argentina TRO - Essex music International Inc, NY controls all publication rights for the USA and Canada

apologies to Susan A-R; I didn't notice at the time I pasted in 'Canción a Víctor' that I was duplicating part of your contribution.

Live rendition by Víctor Jara - The song starts at 2:30.
Recording by Víctor Jara
Live recording by Mercedes Sosa (1980)
Live rendition by Quilapayún (1983)